Low Maintenance Turf installation


low maintenance lawn installation

Replacing the lawn at your home or business may not have even be on your radar until now.  American Groundskeeping can reduce mowing, fertilization and water costs on your property while receiving our turfgrass guarantee with our service.  We are so confident in this product, we extend our guarantee to our customers for as long as we service the lawn.  If you have no plans to relocate your business, this investment in your property will pay dividends for years to come.  Less mowing, less water, & less fertilizer equals more savings.


multiple property lawn installation

Are you a property manager looking to make an impact on your bottom line?  We will develop a strategic plan to reduce your overall property maintenance costs.  Whether you oversee 2 locations or 20 locations, our turfgrass conversion only multiplies your savings.  You know your numbers, do the math. if you can cut your properties mowing costs in half, how will that effect your bottom line?  If customer service interruptions are a concern, we can do all of our install work after your businesses close for the day.  We can show you a ROI in the first year after your turfgrass lawn installation is complete.  Contact us for a Multiple Property Turfgrass Lawn Conversion today and start saving.


no mow grass slope installation


Slope mowing can be tedious, dangerous and costly.  In most cases, slopes are left to become overgrown, weed infested eyesores on an otherwise well manicured property.  These slopes become a breeding ground for invasive weeds that spread to the rest of your property.  These overgrown areas also harbor unwanted insects and rodents which are undesirable to most property owners.  There are alternatives which only require one mowing per year and provide an aesthetic look to an otherwise unsightly eyesore.  Contact American Groundskeeping for a hillside makeover today.


how to save 50% in mowing costs

As a property manager or owner, you know that every spring means that grass cutting crews will start showing up.  Most lawn care companies are looking forward to billing their services on your property on a weekly basis..... and in the spring, sometimes more often than that.  At American Groundskeeping, we have partnered with leading turf companies to offer a low maintenance solution to your mowing expenses.  If you cut your mowing costs by 50% how would that effect the bottom line?  Request a Turfgrass Lawn Conversion quote today and start saving.


how to save water with a lawn installation

Keeping your properties lawn looking lush and green takes more than just weekly mowing.  Businesses and homeowners alike are spending hundreds, even thousands to irrigate their lawns.  Once established, your newly installed turf will be self sustaining. This drought tolerant blend of grasses are deep rooting and search out moisture deep in your soil.  Typical lawns are only rooted on the top 1-2 inches of soil and require regular watering to keep them from turning brown and burning out.  Pittsburgh's average annual rainfall provides plenty of water to sustain your new lawn without having to supplement it with irrigation.  Let mother nature water your lawn and reduce your water bill!  Request a Turfgrass Conversion quote and start saving water and money today.


self fertilizing lawn

Another benefit of our Turfgrass Conversion is that the lawn feeds itself! No need for harmful chemicals to keep your property looking lush and green.  Sample plots of our turfgrass prove to be greener and more lush looking than typical grass and without the high cost of monthly fertilizer treatments.  The infusion of Microclover in the mix feeds the companion grasses with nitrogen making them look great all year long. The extremely drought-tolerant Microclover maintains a nice dark green color once established.  Request a turfgrass conversion quote and start saving today!