low maintenance LANDSCAPE Installation

Mulch is a recurring expense for commercial and residential properties.  At American Groundskeeping, we can convert your mulched landscape with a variety of decorative stone, rock and other materials which require little to no maintenance cost after they are initially installed.  These alternative materials are esthetically appealing and do not need replaced annually or bi-annually like the typical wood mulch to keep your property looking its best!  Request an affordable Landscape Conversion quote today and start saving!


Low maintenance planting

When your goal is to have a beautifully landscaped property while limiting your overall property maintenance costs, consider Low Maintenance Planting alternatives in your landscape.  Trimming and pruning is sometimes necessary several times per year to keep your landscape from looking overgrown.  At American Groundskeeping, our goal is to fill your landscape with low maintenance plants that do not require multiple services per year.  Perennial flowers, sedum, grasses, non-deciduous and evergreen plants will reduce maintenance cost as these types of plants usually only require a final pruning at the end of the growing season.  Request an affordable Low Maintenance Planting quote today and start saving!


Hillside and slope Landscaping

In Pittsburgh and surrounding communities, a property with a slope is hard to avoid.  Sloped properties are difficult to maintain and usually are left to be taken over my unsightly weeds and brush. Mowing the lawn can be a daunting task, especially when you have to mow a hillside or steep slope on your property. If you have a slope or hillside on your property that you would like to turn into a low maintenance, manageable part of your landscaping, request an affordable Slope Conversion quote today and start saving.


Low maintenance mulch alternatives

Limestone, river rock, slate chips, decorative stone, and recycled rubber mulch are popular low maintenance alternatives to traditional colored mulch.  The benefits to using these materials in your landscape is that traditional mulch has to be replaced annually or bi-annually and these materials last for years without having to be replaced.  We recommend installing weed control fabric below these materials to further extend their low maintenance expectations.  Contact us and start saving today.


low maintenance plants and trees

Adding low maintenance plants to your landscaping will save you money.  Some commonly used low maintenance plants are ornamental grasses, sedum, perennial flowers, evergreen shrubs.  These plants require very limited maintenance and up keep and will provide a variety of beautiful colors and shapes which will give your landscape exceptional character.  A variety of evergreen trees and pines are usually the popular choice when low maintenance is the goal.  While most trees that bear leaves are beautiful, they also require regular pruning and will drop leaves throughout fall into the winter season requiring regular leaf cleanups.  Contact American Groundskeeping for a Quote today.

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