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french drain installation

A common problem in yards is pooling water or saturated lawns, especially in new home developments.  When new homes are excavated, in many cases the surrounding ground or a natural spring is disturbed.  During the construction process, these problematic issues usually end up being inadvertently covered up during the finish grading process.  Once the ground settles, water from the natural springs will find its way to the surface or drain off a slope into your yard.  The resolution to this issue usually requires an underground drain, commonly referred to as a "French Drain", being installed at the saturation point which will move the water freely and keep water from pooling.  Occasionally the area may require being re-graded if a standard French Drain is not an option.

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french drain pipe vs hydraway drainage system

Standard french drain costs are typically high because they require excavation of a trench, removal of excess dirt and adding gravel to the trench over the perforated pipe.  This is a very labor intensive process which results in high installation costs.  Due to the high water flow rates of the Hydraway Drainage System, the trench is much less invasive and requires less material to fill the trench.  Hydraway is a fast, affordable way to eliminate your water problems and regain the use of soggy, wet or damaged areas on your property caused by pooling water.  Contact American Groundskeeping for a quote to install a Hydraway drainage system on your property and eliminate your water problems.



french drain cost

The Hydraway Drainage system is a premier method of eliminating your water problems.  After reviewing several different systems, American Groundskeeping chose Hydraway because of its durability and superior flow ratings.  We are looking forward to installing this product on your property to eliminate the water in your problem areas.  Our french drain cost starts at $13/lineal foot.  When comparing Hydraway to a traditional perforated drain pipe installation, cost savings to our customers average between $5-$10/lineal foot. Small and large projects are welcome... contact American Groundskeeping today for a french drain quote. 



french drain installation cost

Not only is the Hydraway Drainage System the most non-invasive and most effective way to drain water from problem areas, it also is cost effective as well.  According to the cost to install a typical french drain can be as high as $20-$30/linear foot.  American Groundskeeping can install the Hydraway Drainage System on your property starting at $10/lineal foot.  Depending on the severity of the water problem on your property, most customers will see their costs range between $12-$14/linear foot.  Although an inspection of the problem area will be necessary to give an accurate quote, this will give you a basic idea for budgeting purposes.  Contact us for a free estimate of the problem area on your property and start saving today.



athletic surface water puddling solutions

Are you a municipality or athletic association looking for a solution to problematic areas on your athletic fields?  Wet spots and puddles are a nuisance and eventually end up causing your teams to avoid using areas of the fields until the area dries out, only to fill up again after a heavy rain.  These puddles and pooling areas also create unsafe conditions for players of all ages.  Player safety starts with eliminating the hazards on your athletic surfaces.  Contact us to request a quote and let American Groundskeeping make your playing surface safe and functional for years to come.


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athletic field complete drainage solutions

Do you have an athletic field that gets flooded or soaked to the point that your teams are unable to use it?  Athletic fields are being used more now than they ever have with the increased popularity of youth sports.  American Groundskeeping can design drainage plan that will bring your fields back to full usage without disrupting your athletic season.  The Hydraway Drainage System has been used across the country to properly drain athletic surfaces and make them playable again.  Let American Groundskeeping resolve your the water problems on your athletic surface.  Contact us today for a quote.