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property grading

Most customers who have interest in having their property graded either have water issues on the property that need addressed or they have an area on their property that they would like to expand to become more usable space.  We have experienced operators at American Groundskeeping that will help you achieve your property goals at a fair and affordable price.  Request a quote to have your property graded to meet your expectations.


brush clearing

Do you have unsightly areas on your property where overgrown bushes and weeds need cleared?  Would you like to extend your property to the property lines and gain usable space?  Contact American Groundskeeping today for a clearing quote today. 


excavating and land leveling

Everyday, new developments are being built with very limited usable backyard space.  In many cases, your backyard can be excavated and leveled to achieve this desired usable space.  During the excavation and leveling process, we will also assess any problematic areas which could potentially hold water and address these areas with the proper drainage solution.  Upon completion of the project, our staff will replant the areas and you will be able to begin to enjoy your new backyard.


rock walls and retaining walls

Landscaping with boulders is becoming more and more prevalent for businesses and homeowners who are looking for a more custom look.  Retaining walls come in different shapes and sizes. In many cases a small sitting wall or a boulder wall can open up a usable space on your property that otherwise was not.  Contact American Groundskeeping today for a quote.


outdoor entertainment area

If your love the outdoors and enjoy entertaining family and friends, adding a pergola to your property will create the perfect spot to have a cookout or get out of the sun and enjoy a book on your favorite lounge chair.  Contact American Groundskeeping with your idea and we can build it for you.  Fill your outdoor space with a sitting area, a fire pit, or a fireplace.  It is never too late to start your project.  Some customers just start with leveling their entertainment area or a retaining wall to get started.  Then, over time, build their dream space.  Whether you are looking just chip away at it or install the entire space all at once, we have an option for you.  Contact American Groundskeeping today.