When in doubt: plant a Lily

The Lily is a popular perennial for many landscapes in Zone 6.  From the Daylily to Lily turf, there are a multitude of species that will thrive in your Zone 6 landscape.  Monrovia has a fantastic selection of Lilies  in their landscaping plant catalog.


The Daylily is a low maintenance flowering plant which will add plenty of character to that area in your landscaping that is in need of a tune-up!  They come in various species which provide a variety of colors and sizes.  This perennial will certainly provide many years of beauty to your Zone 6 landscaping project.


Flagstone Patio

For this portion of the project we used a 25 ton of Virginia Red Limestone boulders to create a border and retain the slope for 2 ton of Lilac Flagstone for the patio.  The polymeric sand mix was Gator Dust - Stone Grey.  All the materials were sourced through Federouch Landscape Supply Yard in Canonsburg, PA.

All the excavating and heaving duty work was completed with a Ditch Witch SK mini skid steer.  For such a small machine, it packs a ton of power.  Some of the boulders were so large that we had to strap them to the bucket of the machine and drag and push them into place but this machine never stopped.  We definitely would recommend this machine to anyone in need of a powerful machine for small area work where a large machine would be cumbersome.  The machine was sourced through Knickerbocker Russell Equipment in Robinson Township, PA